Reply To: Welcome and introductions

Laura Somoggi

Hi All, I’m so glad to be part of this training!

My name is Laura Somoggi, I’m a Brazilian based in London (for almost 16 years!) and I have a few different hats: I lead a programme focused on prevention of violence against women and girls at The Womanity Foundation. We don’t implement the programme, but we support pairs of organisations in the Global South to work together and adapt programmes across different countries – you can see more here:

I also sit in the board of two other organisations working on prevention and response to violence: Latin American Women’s Right Services, based in London ( and Hollaback!, a movement that aims to end harassment in all its forms and have a very intersectional approach (

I’m new to the field of VAWG and I’ve been learning a lot by doing since I joined Womanity in 2017 so I’m really excited to take the time and dive deeper in the subject to be able to improve the work I do and to learn how to better support grassroots organisations who are really tackling the issues on the ground.

Looking forward to meeting you all!