Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story


    Similarly to trying to help each person that becomes ill with diarrhea Mercy’s attempts at shielding her daughter from violence does not make a huge impact on the overall community as others continue to experience violence and does not mean that Angel is completely safe. Violence prevention is important for Mercy’s community in order to stop the pattern of generational violence which has been so imbedded in the community to an extent that it is seen as a norm. It is important in order to educate the community members and enable them to identify what constitutes as violence in order for them to be part of the process of preventing further violence from taking place. It becomes important to prevent violence before it even takes place in order to ensure that women are freed from the physical, psychological and economic violence they are put through by their intimate partners.

    Workshops that would be research informed would be ideal in order to educate the women of this community in order to start the conversation of what is violence who does it affect and what steps one can take to ensure they do not become victims of violence and how to recognize violence when it happens not only to themselves but also other people within their communities. Police need to make their services accessible and ensure people understand their rights and the laws around violence in order to ensure another girl is not forced into marrying their perpetrator as was the case with a girl that was raped and got pregnant as a result. A provision of services such as counselling could also help in ensuring that women who have experienced violence in the past are able to open up and start a healing process.

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