Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles

Awet Woldegiorgis

    The Ethical principles in VAW prevention are a “must DO’ principles to ensure, accountability, inclusiveness, safety and practical sustainable change. Currently, I am working on GBV prevention and response intervention program where we provide GBV response services and currently piloting prevention interventions. In the Women and girls safe spaces where we run, there is a system where we engage our beneficiaries in program design and planning, prioritizing interventions and get their feedback about the services we offer. To mention some, we conduct focus group discussions at the beginning of the year to identify the needs of the beneficiaries on services, activities they would like to have it in the centers, then there are suggestion boxes and client satisfaction surveys conducted regularly to gauge the satisfaction of our beneficiaries. The list mile assurance intervention also ensure that the supplies we provide is reaching to the grass root level community and direct beneficiaries we serve. The prevention related interventions, mainly the awareness raising activities are designed in a way to have the gender and power analysis that promotes gender equality and understand the power dynamics in a relationship. The social norms pilot project is also designed to have a gender power analysis among couples and also opinion leaders.