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Unnati Machchhar

    In Mercy’s life and community, girls have been brought up with an intention of getting married, looking after a home and bearing children. Girls are not educated as parents feels it is important for boys to study as girls will get married and go to another home. Boys are considered to be head of the household and provide for the family. Girls / women are expected to support whatever their partners do. It is also ingrained in these girls from the childhood that it is okay for a husband to beat his wife. It is a vicious cycle, where girls are not educated about their rights, there is poverty and the patriarchal structure in their community enables violence in Mercy’s life and community. The religion that Mercy and her community follow teaches them to be a good wife, remains chaste while it seems okay for men to have sexual initiation before marriage and how to look after a home. Mercy has learnt through her mother that it is okay for husbands to beat wives, she herself went through that and although she wished a different life for her daughter she sent her daughter to church to learn how to be a good wife. The cycle of violence has continued through the generations.

    Violence will worsen if she continues to take the beatings and not speak about it to anyone. Her daughter too, like Mercy will grow up with the thought that husbands beat wives.
    It could worsen if girls are not educated and boys are not involved in understanding household work. It could worsen if the communities are not educated about women’s rights and relationships including violence.