Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story


Preventing violence against women and children (VAW/VAC) from occurring is necessary and important in Mercy’s community as through a sustained strategy for transforming. attitudes, practices and behaviours, the community can be safe for women and girls. Also, as there is a need for response from the evidences, it means that there is a root cause for violence that needs be dealt with in order to completely eradicate it. As the solution to cholera was in prevention, so will violence be.

Strengthening of anti-violence social norms in marriages is one prevention activity that would be done in Mercy’s community. The new transformative norms would be geared towards attitude and behaviour change in the community to regard violence as a vice rather than an okay practice as Mercy had noticed in her home with her mother that led her to be tolerant to it happening to her in her marriage.