Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles

Ochieng’ Jesca

    Young women and girls are usually called for a meeting and the implementation plan shared with them. They are then given an opportunity to just add the areas they feel are left out. Recommendations from the girls is usually very helpful for the success of any program. This then gives the young women and girls to have a safe space to share whatever they are facing

    A questionnaire was given on power dynamics and it was realized that the young women and girls think that men are superior. This is an information we want to get rid of.

    We ensure our programs are inclusive and non biased. Just by setting the girls sit in a circle, already makes them feel equal and important. This is what we work towards. Promotion resilience and encouraging the girls to have their own best voice

    We do weekly mental check ups for our team to acertain that every team member is capable of handling sessions. Also we have policies on how our participants should be handled and this ensure they are treated with respect and are allowed to participate

    We ensure creation of safe spaces and also educate the society on the importance of the program so that their perception about the teachings will not interfere with marriages