Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles


    Think about a VAW programme you work on (or one that you’re familiar with). How do you use each of the VAW prevention principles in this programme?
    • Accountable to women and girls

    Based in a gender-power analysis
    having women be on the forefront of community programs accelerate the shift in gender differences. by so doing we give power to previously disempowered persons .

    Inclusive and intersectional
    we are welcoming to women from different backgrounds, and ethnicity. this enables us to have people with the different background to cooperate and build together for the greater outcome.
    in all the work we indent to create interdependency of people from different backgrounds

    Prioritising the safety of women and girls
    safety for women and girls is a priority to us. we provide ways of ensuring security for participants and home and within the community.
    networks with the police, crisis clinics and the justice systems help ensure safer spaces for girls and woman

    Starting with ourselves
    our team is regularly put through workshops that help us be better in implementing out work. we are strong on values and provision of psychosocial support for out team