Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story

Susan Oduor

    Prevention of violence in Mercy’s community is important. Just like the scientists were able to test and diagnose the problem we equally need to conduct routine gender analysis to be able to appreciate what is happening in the community the new trends of violence and what is causing the violence. Due to our different cultures, women are socialized to accept forms of violence to mean love, subordination and respect for their spouses. It is therefore important to come with up programs that will sensitize women and girls on what violence against women and girls and even intimate partner violence is and encourage them to talk. This would reduce the complications of VAWG and IPV had occur in the society. We should also work on prevention to ensure that our children are not brought up in violent situations thus leading to normalization of abuse and violence. Prevention will ensure that Mercy is able to make decisions as to their finances, make better decisions like ensuring that her daughter goes back to school and get education which will ensure that she becomes a better person and a woman who is empowered.