Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles


    Transparency and accountability are very important principles to reduce GBV. Beneficiaries and the community at large should be participatory and transparent about the program which is targeted to reduce GVB. It should pave the way for the participants to express their own view in every stage of the program.
    Gender power analysis is the best way to collect data regarding gender relation at household, and community. The main causes of GVB -patriarchy, harsh parenting are resulted from gendered power dynamics. Therefore, the analysis should be done on theses causes of GVB first.
    Each program work for reducing GVB should have the principles of Diversity management. The target group may be varies from one another in terms of age, race, ethnicity, disability. So, the program must entertain and hear the voice of each divers group.
    This is risk management principles. The program gives credit for the beneficiary’s welfare. This because the victims may be the exposed for another violence’s after the investigation of the causes.

    the last one is is about inward-looking of our selves. We have to re-correct our behaviors, attitudes, norms and beliefs regarding gender relation, physical disciplinal…etc