Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Prevention strategies

Catherine Menganyi

    With my community Parenting programs would be very critical – this will help in breaking the cycle of violence and having a good relationship between parents and their children.As I visit schools for school health programs key issues raised include lack of unity between parents and parents fighting as the children watch and it greatly affects them.
    Addressing harmful alcohol use-Recently in my village 12 people died due to use of local harmful brewed alcohol and this will greatly affect the families but before that it has been a source of violence in my many families
    Economic empowerment programs -women are still considered minor in the community with no voice.With cash transfer programs that strengthen them economically this will Assis to reduce violence
    Community mobilization-to bring out community own interventions of ending VAW and IPV inclusive.The community should be educated on the dangers and effect of violence
    Media and establishment education-With availability of local radio stations this is an opportunity to use the local dilent to discuss on the topic.