Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Prevention strategies

Mercy James

    Hello Team
    Economic hardship is one major driver of so many cases of violence in my community. Poverty leads men to consume locally available alcohol the entire day. This is turn results to lots of fights and violence in families, children dropping out from school as a result of broken families e.t.c. I feel the following prevention strategies may be of help:

    Economic Empowerment: Promote economic opportunities and income-generating activities for women. Economic empowerment can help reduce financial dependency, a risk factor for violence, and improve women’s overall well-being.

    Safe Spaces for Women: Establish safe spaces for women where they can access information, counseling, and support. These spaces can also serve as venues for skills training and income-generation activities

    Counseling and Mental Health Services: Provide accessible and culturally sensitive counseling and mental health services for survivors of violence to help them cope with trauma and rebuild their lives