Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story

Vivian Efem-Bassey

    In Mercy’s community, violence has become normal and has been so for years, the practice be it conscious or unconscious, has been passed down from generations which makes it deadly. Also women and girls tend to see it as normal and eve expect it as a way of life. Prevention stops violence from being perpetuated either for the first time ever or from reoccurring where it may have happened before. A prevention intervention in Mercy’s community should target a change in the norms that exacerbate violence and work on change in mindset and behaviors.

    Community dialogue on the various socio cultural practices in the community that exacerbate violence against women and girls and the passing of community bylaws abolishing these practices with the inclusion of sanctions for defaulters. Working with role models and male champions can motivate peer to peer influence for change.