Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles

Vivian Efem-Bassey

    1. The VAW prevention principle of being Accountable to Women and Girls are applied via co-creation sessions at the design stage of projects. Women and girls are involved in joint monitoring and the tracking of progress of the project and share ways we can iterate if the need arises.

    2. We are aware that VAWG is fueled by power relations, where the power is usually titled to one side and it is used over the other. Our programme deploys a power analysis participatory tool to determine the types of power in play and where the power lies. This aids in project design, engagement with stakeholders and beneficiaries including implementation strategies. We also introspect to ensure we are not misusing our power as implementers or donors.

    3. We are aware that the one size fits all approach would not provide the desired results beneficiaries want to see or experience, so our project is design are guided by intersectional feminist programming principles to ensure diversity and inclusion based on the peculiarities of women and girls in the communities with work with and for.

    4. Women and girls partake in participatory reflection actions where participatory tools such as community mapping are drawn up and danger or potential locations within the community or its environs are identified to form part of either advocacy to ensure safety in those place or ensure our work does not involve women and girls moving towards those areas and being vulnerable to danger.

    5. Self awareness and self care are part of the 10 feminist leadership principles that guides our work. We keep our egos in check, so that we can lead with empathy and open minds. In order to do this, we work towards accepting our vulnerabilities, as well as recognising and valuing our strengths and those of others. We take care of our emotional and physical well-being, in order to renew our inner sources of inspiration and compassion so we can continue to give of our best. We encourage and support others to do the same, actively working towards a more flexible and supportive work environment, particularly for those with caring responsibilities.