Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles


    The program I implemented was the provision of services at Women and Girls spaces in a Humanitarian setting. In this I;

    Ensured that beneficiaries of the program were listened to, their needs were incorporated into programs, and feedback was provided to them timely, especially on life skills and topics under discussion at the safe spaces.

    Ensured that the power differences in the families, and community are analyzed to avert imbalances in power and also provide equitable resources and opportunities for men and women.

    I learned that the program responds to the needs of all our beneficiaries irrespective of gender, color, disability status, or sexual orientation for instance in the GBV task force we had men and women, inclusiveness of everyone in awareness campaigns on gender-based violence.

    At the safe spaces, I ensured the program design and implementation did not cause harm to women and girls from their spouses, programs that ensured integrity for women and girls, and also ensured confidentiality for survivors of violence.

    Ensured that we needed to reflect on our attitudes and beliefs around gender, power, privilege, and violence and how this impacts our work through avoiding biases in providing services to wounded clients to avert burnout and vicarious trauma.