Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Prevention strategies


    In emergency context, all the violence prevention strategies apply that is Couples’ programmes who are identified and trained as role models, economic transfers through cash transfers to economically empower women and girls, community mobilization to deliberately raise awareness on power and gender norms, addressing harmful alcohol abuse that is rampant among youths and elderly due to stress, parenting programmes especially on 22 family care practices and celebrating family models, economic and social empowerment of the vulnerable women and girls, policy and structural changes especially on laws regarding perpetrators and survivors, media and edutainment-group education on VAW through MDDs etc,

    Generally, the above strategies can target intervention areas like advocacy and awareness raising, education for building a culture of non-violence, trainings, resource development, direct service provision to victim-survivors and perpetrators, networking and community mobilization, direct intervention to help victim-survivors rebuild their lives, legal reforms, monitoring interventions and measures, data collection and analysis, early identification of ‘at risk’ families, communities, groups, and individuals.