Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story

Lynette Kigotho

    Violence is a violation of human rights and has physical, emotional and psychological consequences, prevention of violence promotes and safeguards everyone’s human rights and wellbeing. Violence also creates an environment of fear and insecurity therefore by preventing violence the environment becomes safe. From Mercy’s story we see that violence can be intergenerational therefore through government and CSO programs and other interventions root causes can be addressed thereby preventing violence.
    Mercy’s community is a clear reflection of our society, one that condones and normalises GBV which is rooted in gender inequality, therefore preventing violence challenges harmful gender norms empowering women to have self autonomy. Finally, VAW has economic implications like healthcare costs and lost productivity which affects from the household level into the national level. By preventing violence, economic stability and overall wellbeing of the women and community at large are safeguarded.