Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles

Winsome Nenewa

    After taking this course, I have realized that my work has been in the responsive services to survivors and trying to identify the prevention program. I don’t think I have done any work in prevention. In my setting, we think that advocacy and awareness of VAW is prevention however there is more to unpack in prevention and identifying the right prevention strategy before we can analyze if we have used this prevention principle.
    Accountable to women and girls Prevention Principle
    I will give it a try. I have been providing Financial Competency and Literacy training to people. One of the factors of IPV is the financial burden. We try to help these people create more income streams rather than depending on one source.
    One of the activities the participants have to do is to know themselves (habits and attitudes, values, dreams, skills, talents plans and goals, etc.). The participants can give their input and feedback on the type of income-generating ideas using what they have.
    Based on a gender-power analysis
    In the Financial Competency and Literacy training I provide; I have not taken into consideration the gender-power analysis. The evidence has shown that a lot of female participants don’t return because the financial decision-making is made by the father only. We need to identify prevention strategies to address this. Maybe the training should be for couples rather than one.
    Inclusive and Intersectional principle
    The financial competency and literacy training is inclusive to illiterate people and all age groups in the community as it uses thinking and pictural/object explanations. The teaching techniques are inclusive to any person as we encourage one-on-one coaching sessions for individual participants.
    Starting with ourselves
    This financial competency and literacy training, we have started in our family as we were financially struggling to meet our family needs daily so we shared responsibility for everyone to contribute to the income. This has shown that women and girls in my family are more creative and have a good budget well on their spending activities.