Reply To: Reflect and discuss: VAW prevention principles


    Accountable to women and girls

    The program majorly focuses on women and girls who at some point have survived an experience of violence. To mitigate and prevent occurrence of violence in future the women are involved in telling their story and are empowered on prevention and sent out to enlighten others.

    Based in a gender-power analysis

    The community we serve is male dominated, the women meet these men in their business to serve as their clients. These men intern assault them due to their power imbalance.

    Inclusive and intersectional

    In our interventions we involve both me and women in preventing violence against women by training both genders to be advocates of women rights and safety. We also involve community leaders and other organizations focusing on anything related to gender and violence.

    Prioritising the safety of women and girls

    We treasure data security and respect the life and dignity of our clients. We provide our women and girls with continuous education on safety precautions of dealing with the community to ensure their safety. We also partner with police and public service authorities to ensure protection of the group we serve in the field. The data they provide is handled with care and treated confidential. Finally, medical and psychological treatment is offered to the survivors to promote their mental and physical well-being.

    Starting with ourselves

    For us to offer quality services to our clients it starts with us working on our attitudes, ideas and stereotypes on the issue that affect of women. We are enlightened on handling our emotions and personal issues so as not to interfere with our services.