Reply To: Reflect and discuss: Why prevention in Mercy’s story

Batamuliza Gloria

    What I know about Mercy’s story is that she faces violence (Emotional, physicals, economical, psychological but she tries to protect her children not to experience violence and also she is trying to cope with that live style she is living buy trying to look for solutions herself to keep her family.
    Violence prevention is important for Mercy’s community so that violence can be eradicated for present and future generation as well as female in the community but also for social change where men/boys need to change for better. This will bring community development, women / girls participation in community development, less/ no health issues to women and men, little offences to perpetrators.
    Some of the activities to prevent violence in Mercy’s community could be community discussions, focus group discussions (men. women, youth, local leaders…), workshops, campaigns, use of media, talk shows, use of artists, discussions in schools and curriculum on gender equality with includes violence prevention.
    One example of a violence prevention activity is; Community discussions for both men and women and youth on the issue of violence in their community, its consequences to individual, families and the community in general and how all should be responsible for the solution in fighting violence so that women and girls be able to enjoy life as men as well as contributing to the development of the community.