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    There is a two-way relationship between gender inequality and violence against women. Even as gender inequality enables violence against women, violence against women also produces and worsens gender inequalities.

    In what ways does gender inequality enable violence in Mercy’s life and community?

    In what ways could violence worsen gender inequalities in her life?

    Lucky Kobugabe

      Gender inequality makes it inevitable for Violence Against Women to occur, in Mercy’s community, girls are not allowed to pursue their skill sets/hobbies merely because they are girls and therefore thought of as mere caregivers, this limits their options, even if there was a possibility of them finishing school. Inequality also gives the men/boys more priority to finish school and therefore puts them in a place where they can earn a better living leaving women in a place of poverty which is an enabling factor for different types of violence, from physical, economic to emotional and sexual.

      Gikuu Grace Ireri

        By denying girls and women equal opportunities to education and social activities, reinforcing discriminatory attitudes and stereotypes that make girls submissive, limiting their career options, and also normalising domestic violence.
        Limiting Mercy’s access to equal decision over their family resources and choices for educating her children especially her daughter Angel, unequal division of family responsibilities leading to burdensome /unpaid care work and stress causing mental stress and physical fatigue.


        The negative norms to refuse to girl (Mercy) to accede to sport on her choice and to be educated and to became doctor this is gender inequality and the bridge or early window to all forms of VAW Mercy subited

        Angeline Ndabaningi

          Gender inequality prevented Mercy and other women in her community to to have equal opportunities for education. They, therefore, lack knowledge of GBV policies and their rights making them succumb to violence

          On the other hand, violence makes Mercy normalize and accept that men should always beat their wives. This exacerbates gender inequalities as Mercy and all the women will see themselves as inferior to men.

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