Reflect and discuss: Prevention strategies

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      Violence can happen at one, and affect people differently and differs by context. however, when designing strategies they need to touch on RESPECT – and address relationships, Empower, Service provision, Poverty reduction, Enabling environments, Child friendly and Transform attitudes and behaviors and address across the ecological level- individual, , inter-relations, households, community and society at large to include partner interventions that includes men involvement in VSLAs and dialogues imbedded in VSLAs and community leader engagements


      En mi contexto es importante trabajar: normas de género que normalizan y replican la violencia contra la niñez y contra las mujeres, agencia y empoderamiento económico de las mujeres, cómo manejar dependencias; Conciencia de género, poder y privilegios; comunicación y relaciones asertivas y por supuesto incluir el compromiso de garantes de derechos.


      Risk factors in the setting where I worked previously included harmful alcohol use, rigid gender norms, lack of civic engagement by government and high rates of unemployment. Violence prevention strategies used so far include work with liquor outlets to reduce harmful consumption, community mobilisation, economic transfers and job creation. Couples programmes could be a really useful additional strategy in this environment.

      Megan Denise Smith

        Violence against women and girls is normalised in the context I work in but has become further exacerbated during COVID-19 and intimate partner violence in particular. I think couples programmes, economic and social empowerment programmes and community level programmes to challenge these harmful gender norms would be effective. I think we need more medium to long term interventions.

        Linda Mbeyu

          Economic and social empowerment as many women who are screened for violence report complete economic dependence on their partner hence increasing their vulnerabilities. Parenting programs can also be very instrumental as many parents in my community become parents at an early age with minimal skills on parenting

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