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    Unnati Machchhar

      The most promising prevention strategies in my context has been community mobilisation and activism which has worked so far. We conduct sessions with women and men on power and gendered norms. However the sessions are conducted separately. I also see that we could use the couple’s approach which could work better.
      Community campaigns on violence and mental health have shown promising results. Apart from that we also provide services like counselling, extended services like Psychiatric referral and Clinical Psychologist along with Legal, Police and Health referrals to women.

      Grace Mukhuta-Banda

        Safeguarding policies as well as trainings/sensitization around the effects of GBV. From the story, the following apply; staff/parents/guardian programs, participant/community programs, economic programs

        Chisomo Liwimbi

          1. Parenting interventions
          2. Economic empowerment
          3. Alcohol and substance abuse interventions
          4. Community and religious leaders participatory interventions
          5. Couples interventions

          Joseph Otieno

            In our areas of engagement, violence against women and girls has been commonplace, but during COVID-19, intimate partner violence in particular, has become even more prevalent. Couples programs and community-level initiatives built into our initiatives for the economic and social empowerment of women would be successful in challenging these damaging gender conventions. Because of their increased vulnerability due to total economic dependency on their spouse, we require medium- to long-term remedies. Considering that many people in my town become parents at a young age and have little experience with parenting, parenting classes may also be quite helpful.

            Amos Mlotha

              In the context of our communities, the below strategies are working;
              Economic and Social empowerment
              Couples programs
              Parenting programs
              Community mobilization
              Addressing harmful alcohol and other substances abuse

              For instance , we have a lot of VSLAs established in the communities and they are helping women a lot.

            Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 30 total)
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