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    Think about the prevention activity you brainstormed at the beginning of this session.

    • Where would you place this activity on the prevention-to-response continuum (universal prevention, selective prevention, mitigation, or response)?
    • Why would you place it there?

    The activity about community involvement to prevent violence is placed in Universal prevention since it engages the whole community and different actors from the community. In addition, providing quality services to violence survivors can be placed in Response as it addresses needs of survivors and requires to involve different institutions.


    While consequences of VAW are more dangerous from individual (woman) to society, whith a high VAW prevalence rate, inaccessibility or inadequate to health or others services, I will place more prevention activity on UNIVERSAL PREVENTION, because VAW is PREVENTABLE.

    Leah Mutumbu

      Universal prevention because it targets all community members

      Atusaye Nyondo

        The activities advanced earlier on would be placed under universal prevention since they directed at an entire population in the community regardless of the they have experienced violence of perpetrated violence in their community.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 34 total)
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