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    Prevention Activity: The National Women Council in collaboration with communities ( Families) and Schools in teaching young generation how to abstain themselves in the early sexual activities to prevent early pregnancies for young girls.
    I place this activity under the Universal prevention because it point at the whole community.

    Batamuliza Gloria

      I would place the prevention activity to universal and mitigation

      Because Universal has an element of prevention the community from GV and other related issues

      And mitigation by setting strategies to prevent GBV and related issues to happen

      Langi Malamba

        I had a mixed bag of activities cutting across the continuum as illustrated :
        Selective prevention -education and awareness activities for the affected survivors (women and children) and the alleged perpetrators ; this programme target a select groups such as those affected by VAW ; and also target specifically perpetrators

        Response/ mitigation- Whistle blower activities for the supporters, collaborators and generalized others such as family members, church groups, community activists, clinic staff etc. This programme activity is aimed at improving service responses to reduce incidents that predisposes women and children to gender violence , sexual exploitation and abuse.

        universal prevention/mitigation -Drama activities to simplify and demonstrate how VAW manifests and affect family life.
        Response -Advocacy and social mobilization activities to lobby policy makers is also critical to ensure legal instruments are implemented in the best interest of survivors. This activity unpacks root causes of GBV and IPV in a simplified easy to visualize , identify and understand way through enactment of concepts. This approach is particularly good where high levels of illiteracy exists or there is fear of being stigmatized. When actors are portraying characters through different scenes carrying different messages, audiences are able to identify what happens to them in their veiled safety and resonate better with certain character leading particular complex themes such as emotional ,or verbal abuse or sexual harassment etc.

        Joan Lanyero

          Community awareness creation or sensitization sessions, Women only, men only and mixed space reflective sessions – Universal Prevention because the activity is focusing on the entire population to reduce on VAW

          Women only space dialogues of survivors of GBV – Selective prevention as its a specific group with high risks

          Psychosocial support, health care support, Legal support, safety and security services, economic empowerment (VSLA & IGAs) of GBV survivors and review of the GBV Law & GBV action Plan – Response as it entails short term and long term services for the GBV survivors.

          Vincent Otieno

            Preventing VAW means stopping violence before it starts, or reducing the frequency and severity of further episodes of violence where it has previously occurred. This is different from response, which is about providing support and services to individuals who have experienced violence.

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