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    Ireen Mwenelupembe

      The topic we brainstormed falls into all types of prevention. prevention goes together with mitigation, and response needs to be continuum, and not creating a vacuum. by taking in board all the types of prevention; we are tackling the issues holistically, allowing different cases to be tackled in different forms but ultimately having the best results.
      By targeting the prevention on its full circles were are also reducing the underlying risks and causes, therefore creating the opportunities for girls and women to rise over cultural , social, economic hinderances.
      By investing in prevention, risks are reduced and ownership of the behavior in practice is guaranteed


      Prevención universal, cuando me enfoque en la población en general
      Y prevención selectiva cuando pensé en el empoderamiento de las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad


        the activities will take a holistic approach of the prevention, selective and responsive that would require the whole community to take action. Targeting spouses in dialogues (selective) for behavior change and targeting women in VSLAs and adolescents on comprehensive sexuality education to build their agency


          In the prevention-to-response continuum, I would place my prevention activity of the poster facilitation under Universal prevention. Because the activity is intended to engage community members on the root cause of violence, community silence about it and to inspire families, neighbors, and the entire community to join in preventing violence.


            To teach both men and women about all forms of violence against women:
            This is the universal prevention because is directed at an entire community, group of people regardless whether they are experiencing violence or not.

            To communicate if there is any form of violence you see or experienced to the related personnel : This is a mitigation because by announcing the perpetrators will make them afraid form repeating the same crime and mindset change of others and that will reduce VAW’s level.

            To arrest the violence suspects: This is response and mitigation at the same time because by arresting the violence suspects will frightening other who were thinking to use violence (lead to VAW reduction in number ) and violence victims by seeing the condemnation of the criminals help their hearts get a cure (a form of counseling ).

            Thank you!

          Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 42 total)
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