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    Ochieng’ Jesca

      In Mercy’s community people hold on to beliefs about how to treat a woman and how recklessly a man can be to take advantage of an adolescent girl. Violence prevention creates a conducive environment for the next generation to coexist and preach equality and respect for women and girls. It also ensures mental health of the people is good as individuals will work towards building their he’s and providing for families. Also this prevention will enable growth of women in business and other careers as they will be offered opportunities in the areas they. Take interest in


        Universal prevention because it is targeting all women in the community

        Poonam Rishal

          gender transformative approach

          This would be universal prevention activity because it is directed towards behavior change of the community including social norms change and structural inequalities

          Sujan Nepali

            Mobilizing FCHV to talk about their & community experience and its consequences which had been faced by them and lead the health mother’s group to take initiative to raise awareness on GBV which placed on universal prevention which target the whole community.

            Rajan Parajuli

              In Mercy’s story, I proposed a school program that falls under the university prevention on the continuum because it’s for general girls and boys of the community. In my experience working on VAW, I have also experienced that the soft approach like talking about reasons for the delay or drop out or not regularly attending schools among students, teachers, and parents in a separate and/or group set up could be a better entry point as a VAW prevention program if the prevalence is high and accepted.

            Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 42 total)
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