Reflect and discuss: Risk factors and situational triggers in Mercy’s story

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    Ngumi Wangombe

    Mercy’s risk factors, such as exposure to violence as a child, depression as a result of societal pressures on both husbands and wives that increasing the chances of perpetrating violence, and gendered norms such as women and men having different roles, would be very similar if Mercy lived in my community and is the core reason as to why my organization is working to end violence against women and girls through EVAW/G program. Men, for instance, are the ones who provide while women take care of the home and the children; low literacy levels; contribute to distorted perceptions about gender roles. Unemployment, poverty and lack of resources; and social customs directly and indirectly support VAW/VAC. Another reason why men and their families abuse women and endanger their identity in society is when they don’t bear male offspring as well as denial of conjugal rights that may lead to marital rape. Situation triggers that Mercy is likely to experience include being intoxicated, questioning her spouse’s authority, and seeking money that her partner might not be able to provide. Social safety nets, well-established regulations, and strong governmental enforcement of those laws would all be safeguards for Mercy. Education and awareness for both boys and girls are necessary for both a change in gendered roles and an understanding of cultural norms. When these kids get older, they are more likely to accept shared household responsibilities. Women who have received an education may be able to provide for their children and themselves, as well as understand how to save and invest money.

    Amos Mlotha

    Mercy`s situation is not very different with what women experience in my community, most men are mistreating women and abusing them because they know women have been depressed by the cultural beliefs. However due to some interventions that we have done in the communities, the level of violence have reduced and men are now able to realize the effects of their behaviours and most of the harmful cultural practices that fueled GBV have been modified and some completely eliminated.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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