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    Think about what you know about violence in Mercy’s story so far.

    • Why is violence prevention important for Mercy’s community?
    • Which activities could prevent violence against women in her community?

    In Mercy’s story, there is a comparison between the VAW and the persistence of a diarrhea and the death it had caused instead of local treatment used. After scientists research, they taken measures to prevent against this disease and deaths decreased. So, preventing violence against women is mandatory and fruitful as response services are critical. For a durable impact on reducing violence, it’s imperative to stop it before it starts and reduce the frequency and severity of further episodes where it has previously occurred.


    Prevention in Mercy’s story compares the death due to diarrhea epidemy despite the usage of local treatment and VAW persistence in a given society. Since Scientist researchers have opted to develop prevention measures, the mortality rate due to diarrhea decreased remarkably. from Mercy’s story we can deduct that once we develop measures and strategies to prevent VAW, its prevalence and severity will decrease for the future.

    Jaya Luintel

    In Mercy’s story, there are different types of violence she is experiencing- physical, psychological/ emotional, and economic. In her community, women and girls are facing sexual violence as well. Also, while watching mercy’s story and knowing the view of other women from her community, it looks like the prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is rampant in her community. Women in Mercy’s community are forced to accept the violence and “normal” or even as “love”. As said by Lori in her presentation, maybe Mercy’s story is just the “administrative prevalence” that came out in the form of this story. The acceptance of violent behavior is reinforced and women are neither being able to identify that behavior as violence nor name it as violence.

    Violence Prevention is important in Mercy’s community because women should be able to know that the behavior they are experiencing from their husband is not “love” but it is “violence”. As the violent behavior is reinforced, young boys are also perpetuating sexual violence and young girls are going through its consequences. When the Cholera hit Mercy’s community, with the help of scientists they found to root causes of the spread of bacteria and dealt with the root cause which saved many lives. To address the root causes of VAW in Mercy’s community, violence prevention is important.

    In Mercy’s community, there is wider acceptance of violence against women and it is taken as normal. So, it is important to start the discussion from that point. To start the discussion, the first topic for the discussion could be drop out of girls child from school. Angel could not continue her school because of the workload at home. For the activity, a teacher from the school can visit the community and have discussions ( women and men) on this issue. The discussion can be guided through a reflection process where all the members can reflect on the cause, the effect it has caused, and longer-term consequences. In the end, the group can come up with some action points to resolve this issue so that girls can continue their studies. This activity will help to initiate the discussion among the parents and then other series of discussions can be planned to talk about the healthy relationships between partners.

    Ummay Tanjina Payel

    In Mercy’s story there are many kinds of violence are present like sexual, physical, economic and psychological. It is important to prevent because to stop the negative consequences such as, reoccurring in the lifetime of the children, economic loss, decreased women productivity, poor mental and physical development in children, etc.

    Prevention means stopping anything from happening. Prevention of violence against women can be achieved through proper awareness against violence against women to make the community aware about it’s negative consequences, training program for couple to strop IPV and child abuse also.

    Gikuu Grace Ireri

    Violence against women and girls has been normalised in Mercy’s community, and while some actions are key to support survivors of violence, the violence is manifestation of the unequal powers between men and women in the community. Prevention measures need to empower women as equal members in the family and society.

    Women’s empowerment (economic, education, legal, political, civic and public engagement) is key to preventing VAWG and includes building agency for women’s leadership in communities. By supporting women and girls themselves to understand the discrimination they face; the human rights that they are entitled to and the strength in coming together to advocate for their rights. Women’s leadership at community and national level is key to tackling attitudes to VAWG and discriminatory gender norms as well as holding duty bearers accountable to implement policies and legislation that prevent and protects women and girls from all forms of violence

    Lucky Kobugabe

    In Mercy’s Community, Violence has been normalised, it is thought as the norm for all women to go through violence, which doesn’t have to be the case if the community reflected on why it happens. Violence could be stopped and lesser women would have to suffer in the community.


    Mercy’s community is mostly affected by the negatives norms. Its important violence prevention because these are main causes of different VAW/C which Mercy and his community (women and girls specifically) faced

    Tegan Molony

    Hi Jaya – I really like your response and how you emphasised the importance of guided reflections with couples.

    Amina Hambali

    violence prevention is good because mercy is not psychologically stable ,she have no control of her earning ,worried about her daughter not be survivor of sexual abuse because she left school.
    awareness and sensitization in the community on effect of Gender based violence ,sexuality education to both girls, boys ,women and men on sexual and reproductive health right.

    Nomzamo Ncube

    Violence prevention is key as it reduces the likelihood of violence happening to women and girls. It will also aid to the halting the perpetuity of violence. Prevention will ensure that women and girls live a life free from fear of being raped or physically assaulted.

    Deborah Thorpe

    Violence prevention is important for Mercy’s community because you have intersecting forms of VAW and there is an intergenerational cycle of VAW especially IPV. So just treating the survivors of VAW is not enough because there will always be perpetrators present in the community. Just as in the story with the cholera outbreak within the community, the prevention has a better chance of success than the cure. Some people got better with the cure while others die. In the same way, responding to VAW may help one woman but it can have a lasting impact on her children or another woman may die from her assault whereas another may survive.

    Chantal MUHIMPUNDU

    For Mercy the violence prevention is important in the community because Mercy experienced the VAW shelve in different form of GBV for examples physical,psychological, economic violence and she very affected to live in this violence situation and Mercy feeling also bad to see her neighbors and the entire community living in the violence so she wants people live in peace without VAW


    Reflect and discuss: Why prevention

    1. Think about what you know about violence in Mercy’s story so far. Why is violence prevention important for Mercy’s community?

    It is important to reduce the types of physical, emotional and sexual violence and its consequences in the health environment of women and their children, in addition to the fact that a low rate of violence in a community represents a higher quality of life.

    2. Which activities could prevent violence against women in her community? Give one example of a violence prevention activity.

    Awareness-raising activities on violence against women using tools such as the violent meter and the cycle of violence by Leonor Walker to make visible the patterns of violence, make visible that they are not isolated cases.
    Also artistic activities where the facilitator guides them in making a painting that reflects a community without violence.

    Dellene Clark

    Mercy’s story reflects inter-generational violence. The behaviour and norms of the community entrench and normalise the abuse of power towards girls and women, often by the very women who are abused. Mary’s aunts explained that it was the way in which a man showed his wife his love. In this way the girls grow up to be exposed to sexual and physical violence and boys grow up to be perpetrators thereof. Until there is an understanding of the abuse of power for what it is the cycle will continue. Dialogues or conversation sessions which empower communities to understand the dynamics at play will allow a shift in understanding, behaviour and power. This will address violence at the root of the problem and not just the fruit thereof.

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