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    Gikuu Grace Ireri

      Violence against women and girls has been normalised in Mercy’s community, and while some actions are key to support survivors of violence, the violence is manifestation of the unequal powers between men and women in the community. Prevention measures need to empower women as equal members in the family and society.

      Women’s empowerment (economic, education, legal, political, civic and public engagement) is key to preventing VAWG and includes building agency for women’s leadership in communities. By supporting women and girls themselves to understand the discrimination they face; the human rights that they are entitled to and the strength in coming together to advocate for their rights. Women’s leadership at community and national level is key to tackling attitudes to VAWG and discriminatory gender norms as well as holding duty bearers accountable to implement policies and legislation that prevent and protects women and girls from all forms of violence

      Lucky Kobugabe

        In Mercy’s Community, Violence has been normalised, it is thought as the norm for all women to go through violence, which doesn’t have to be the case if the community reflected on why it happens. Violence could be stopped and lesser women would have to suffer in the community.


        Mercy’s community is mostly affected by the negatives norms. Its important violence prevention because these are main causes of different VAW/C which Mercy and his community (women and girls specifically) faced

        Tegan Molony

          Hi Jaya – I really like your response and how you emphasised the importance of guided reflections with couples.

          Amina Hambali

            violence prevention is good because mercy is not psychologically stable ,she have no control of her earning ,worried about her daughter not be survivor of sexual abuse because she left school.
            awareness and sensitization in the community on effect of Gender based violence ,sexuality education to both girls, boys ,women and men on sexual and reproductive health right.

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