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    Stella Gitia

      Hey all. My name is Stella Gitia. I live in Mombasa Kenya. I am a social scientist and a GBV and VAW prevention enthusiast. Hoping to learn more on this subject and also interact with other participants.

      Melissa Benson

        Hi I’m Melissa, based in south west Victoria, Australia.
        I am a new school nurse and am looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge by completing this course.
        I have 20 years of experience as a midwife/nurse, so working very closely with woman.


        Hello Everyone, I am Patricia Martha Kyozaire an African Feminist, from Kampala,Uganda.
        Really excited being here, I look forward to gaining more knowledge for my personal activism and organizing work in the advancement of women’s and girl’s rights.

        Constance Newman

          Greetings from North Carolina, USA. My name is Constance Newman and I’ve been working mostly in health facility-based VAW response since 2002. I am in awe of the experience and dedication that will be “in the room”. I am excited about learning the evidence and principles related to the prevention of violence against women, and to find out if/how these principles may apply to another form of VAW, which is sexual harassment.

          Brenda Siajunza

            Hellow everyone

            Am Brenda Siajunza

          Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 227 total)
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