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    Nelly Omino

      Hello Everyone!

      I’m excited to be here and look forward to learning more about VAW/C as I collaborate with you all.

      Having served as an educator for 30 years + and now working as a school principal in an institution of 1000+ students, the realization that socio-emotional well being drives the success of a learner cannot be underestimated. I have come across many students who exhibit violent behavior that risks their safety and that of their peers. Understanding of causes and responses to VAW/C is important to enable educators appreciate and intervene on behavior modification informed by a holistic approach.

      Nomelia Mazuze

        Hello everyone. My name is Nomelia Mazuze, Iam a feminist activist, lawyer and gender advisor and Consultant. Iam based in Maputo city, capital of Mozambique country. Iam glad to have this opportunity to learn more about VAW/C prevention.

        Lucy Kimani

          Hello , my name is Lucy Kimani from Nairobi Kenya . I am glad to be a part of this informative and very important program and looking forward to gaining more insight on VAW/C as well as ways to end the same as I interact with phenomenal people of change. Thank you .

          Smita Sequeira

            Hello Everyone, I’m Smita Sequeira from India, Mumbai. I’m here to learn and develop my knowledge and skills in the area of my work with VAW/C.
            I look forward to engaging with as many as possible here.
            Thanks for making me a part of this forum.

            Fekadu Wakjira

              Hi colleagues
              I am Fekadu Wakjira and currently working for unicef as child protection officer in Ethiopia. Glad to join you and surely this training platform will give us to share experiences in the area of VVAW/C prevention and response strategies

            Viewing 5 posts - 211 through 215 (of 268 total)
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