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The Prevention Collaborative is a global network of practitioners, activists, and researchers working to better equip ourselves and others with the vision and skills to end violence against women and their children. Through training, mentoring, and advisory services, we equip actors to shift norms, empower individuals, mobilise communities, and transform the social and structural factors that underpin violence.

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our Principles


Service: We aim to serve the wider feminist and anti-violence community.


Generosity: We are generous in spirit and respectful as collaborators and co-learners.


Agility: We strive to remain agile, responsive, and open.


Collaboration: We believe power should be shared, and success is a collective effort.


Creativity: We are vibrant and self-reflective, infusing our work with creativity and optimism.

frequently asked Questions

Are all the courses free?

Yes, all the courses are free. All you have to do is sign up and log in to apply for an open course.

How long do I need to complete a course?

All the courses have varied durations. An average time of four to six hours is what you need for our self-paced courses, and you need about three hours per week over six to eight weeks for facilitated courses. Please check the duration of your course on the course page.

Will I be issued a certificate after completing a course?

Yes. Upon completing a course and fulfilling other requirements, you will be issued a certificate, including submitting assignments and quizzes.

Can I still take a course if I am unfamiliar with violence prevention programming?

Yes. We recommend ‘Prevention Essentials Refresher: The Latest on What, Why & How from our self-paced courses.

Can I take a course if I am not affiliated with any organisation or collective?

Our courses are open for everyone to apply but are designed specifically to support people working in the fields of violence against women/violence against children (VAW/VAC). While the self-paced courses have no selection criteria, for the facilitated courses, we prioritise candidates who are embedded in organisations or collectives working in the fields of VAW/VAC.

What does ‘facilitated course’ mean?

Facilitated courses are synchronous courses in which selected participants are part of a learning cohort. In a facilitated course, learners meet regularly through live sessions with the course facilitators within the course duration. Live sessions are held via Zoom. These regular meetings allow learners to familiarise themselves with the course content and ask questions while the course facilitators foster the discussion, take steps to enhance the experience for the learners, and give suggestions. Head to our ‘Upcoming Courses’ page to see details of our next facilitated course.

What does ‘self-paced course’ mean?

A self-paced course allows learners to start and complete it on their own time within the course duration. Learners can also engage with course facilitators through live sessions and discussion forums.

Is financial aid available?

We do not offer financial support for any of the courses. All the courses are free and do not require any financial commitment.

What if I need help with using the Learning Lab?

You can write to us at [email protected] for any queries or feedback.