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      The access to resources such as education which was afforded only to men in Mercy’s community ensured that women remain inferior to men in terms of educational qualification which leads to them becoming dependent on men as the main providers with their better income. This gives men financial power over woman and thus ensures women stay in abuse relationships and tolerate violence. The fact that only boys were encouraged to further their education also meant that women were deprived access to information which would have helped them understand violence sooner thereby not normalize it over generations.

      The institutional practices of the church to groom young girls into obedient housewives and housekeepers ensures that girls know not to dream beyond their circumstances and are in a way being brainwashed into believing they exist to serve men by keeping the house warm and birthing children, this further subjects them into abuse by their husbands in later life as they are told to obey their husband and disobedience is met with hostility.

      Pantaleon Shoki

        In what ways does gender inequality enable violence in Mercy’s life and community?
        Gender inequality is cited as a key determinant or factor that underpins violence against women. Traditional beliefs are showing that girls are not supposed to go to school but instead wait for getting married and bear children, while boys are allowed to go to school and play as opposed to girls. In Mercy’s life and community, gender inequality enables violence in education where no girls could study up to secondary saying that school is not important, which is essentially gender-based violence, which is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world.

        In what ways could violence worsen gender inequalities in her life?
        There is a range of factors that, while they do not drive violence on their own, can contribute to violence against women or make it worse. Bur when there are no policies that address gender inequalities, then violence could worsen gender inequalities in Mercy’s life through beatings by her husband Clinton.

        Grace Mukhuta-Banda

          Here, the social norms as well as roles and responsibilities at community level enable violence in Mercy’s life because women are seen as care takers whilst their male counterparts are seen as breadwinners and should be awarded good opportunities, such as education for example. Now, women are seen as inferior to men and can be treated anyhow. This therefore becomes a norm in the community and it is embedded in cultural and religious beliefs.

          Mercy would be unable to voice out her issues related to abuse/violence. It shows that women do not have a voice and cannot speak out for themselves and against their abusers. This would worsen gender inequalities on all levels.

          Chisomo Liwimbi

            She is made to believe that she is not entitled to education and the only productive thing she must and should be doing is taking care of her husband and kids. This is enabling the violence because she doesn’t know that what Clinton is doing to her is wrong and can be brought to book. She also does not know that she has a right to report her husband to law enforcers who can help her.

            As well the community itself, it is subjecting girls to a life in the house and making them believe that the only important thing in a home is to please the husband. For this, if the husband is to react by beating them under the justification that they are not performing their roles correctly, the girl will feel that the husband is justified to perpetrate such violence on her.

            Prisca Nyasulu

              Gender in equality make Clinton feels more important than Mercy such that beating her in the presence of their children was not a problem and male preference in access to education to them its normal the extent that Mercy also thinks that her girl child should just be trained in how to become a good wife. Knowledge gap as a result of dormant cultural norms and beliefs makes women accept the violence

            Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 47 total)
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