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    Myint Myint Win

      Gender inequality in Mercy’s life and community has normalized that husbands have the power to beat their wives, have economic control over their family members, and women and girls don’t need much education, instead, they have to deliver babies and work in the domestic arena. The women themselves as caregivers of the babies also reproduce the socialized gendered norms and hand them over to their generations, worsening the gender inequities and reinforcing VAW.
      With violence experienced, Mercy understands gender inequalities are the norms and will follow them and raise her children with gendered bias, exposing her daughters or female family members or other women in society into more vulnerability.

      Catherine Menganyi

        For individual factors Mercy suffers from submissive femininity where she cannot defend herself from Violence,she feels the husband is always right and she cannot speak out against violence.
        The community has made it normal for violence against women where men give been given power.Mercy as a woman had to drop out of school and got married early because of being a woman.She has fear for her children undergoing the same and the effects of violence but not empowered to speak out.

        Mercy James

          Hello Team
          n her family, they believe that in boys specific and girls specific roles which in turn lead to Mercy missing out on opportunities such as completing her education. Societal norms that only boys should be educated while girls stay at hook to take case of the home lead to Mercy being married at an early age.

          Normalization of violence by the society such as husbands should beat women, saw Mercy stay in that marriage where Clinton beat her thinking it was ok. That women should be submissive to the husbands no matter how abusive the relationship is.



            Denying girls an opportunity to pursue their interests and subjecting them to household activities puts girls/women at a disadvantage as men by virtue of gained superiority take them as tools and not equals in life. This creates room for the perpetration of violence against them

            Women struggle to achieve personal growth thus will forever be looked down upon and not involved even in decision making on issues affecting them


              Gender inequality makes perpetuates Violence Against Women, in Mercy’s community, girls are not allowed to engage in plays thereby limiting socialization, and physical exercise because they are girls and therefore thought of as mere caregivers, this limits their options, even if there is a possibility of them finishing school.
              Inequality also prioritizes the education of Boys to girls’ school and therefore puts them in a place where they can earn a better living leaving women in a place of poverty which is an enabling factor for different types of violence, from physical, sexual, and economic to emotional.

              It makes mercy and her community condones violence against women as a way of enforcing decisions on women. Mercy believes that she must teach her daughter how to be a good wife and mother as an alternative knowing women and girls’ roles are to attend to children, cook food, and go to market.

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