Reflect and discuss: Prevention strategies

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    Winsome Nenewa

      Let’s Focus on the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), risk factors we would address of the individual and interpersonal. I think Couples Programmes prevention strategy might work with couples who are at risk of violence, facing violence or not.

      We need to instill couple communication to be non-violence and they work together and support each other.

      chirani Gunathilake

        Most violence occur in our context is economic crises. addressing this and give training will help to prevent violence

        Sanki Foni

          In the context where am currently working, there is power imbalance among couples and gender inequality which made women and girls at risk of violence and often triggers violence against women and girls.
          couple programs and community mobilization combined with engagement of men and boys will be a perfect prevention strategy in the community.

          Regina Kacwamu

            The RESPECT Framework is relevant to preventing VAW in context. Other strategies could include building capacities of actors working at different levels – religious leaders, local leaders, cultural leaders, service delivery actors to create a unified voice and action against VAW as well as building skills to prevent and respond to VAW.
            The other is community dialogues on triggers of VAW to create awareness and opportunity for people to interrogate social norms beliefs and practices that support VAW and identification of more respectful and empowering practices.

            RISPER KIBUNJA

              Reflect on the context you typically work in. What violence prevention strategies might be promising given risk factors in your setting?

              In my field, couple programs would assist create a financial balance that is the major cause of violence.
              Parenting program would also help teach parents on how to raise their children in an environment that embraces gender equality and respect for women.
              Drug and substance abuse rehabilitation program would also reduce the risk of IPV at a personal, interpersonal and community level.

            Viewing 5 posts - 36 through 40 (of 45 total)
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