Reflect and discuss: Risk factors and situational triggers in Mercy’s story

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    Grace Kayola

      From Mercy’s Story we see a lot of Situational triggers
      Would like to focus more on the up bringing aspect We have established for a fact that Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a global public health problem with often severe and far-reaching consequences. IPV frequently occurs in a family context, and family factors are often theorized to be causes of IPV.
      Perhaps on an Individual risk factor we could include Antisocial personality traits and conduct problems. Poor behavioral control and impulsiveness, Traits associated with borderline personality disorder, another aspect to look at would be Hostility towards women Attitudes accepting or justifying violence and aggression.
      History of physical or emotional abuse in childhood.


        The laws of my country does not allow physical assault and anyone found doing it is prosecuted. Mercy would have known that physical assault is punishable by law and she wouldnt tolerate it.
        In my country education is free and children of all genders are given same opportunity to learn. this will reduce gender inequality. maybe she would be having a career and their economic situation would be better reducing the economic burden on clinton.

        Myint Myint Win

          The factors and triggers from Mercy’s community and my community are mostly the same, but my community will have more triggers such as conflicts and environmental issues such as climate change, natural disasters.

          Mercy James

            Hello Team,
            My community today ha quite evolved.

            There are certain norms that they no longer subscribe to given that most are exposed education wise. For instance, Mercy would not have been beaten by husband since it is no longer fashionable to beat your wife in my community.

            Women are also empowered and are able to initiate a conversation between them and spouse hence Mercy would have spoken freely to her husband about his drinking behaviour and any other behaviour that offends her.

            There are equally laws that protect women from violence. Clinton would have already been reprimanded for perpetuating violence against Mercy.



              The bad economic environment in my community would have created a similar situation to that of Mercy though a lot of strides have been made towards gender equality whereby both girls and boys are treated the same when it comes to educating them. With jobs hard to come by and with a high unemployment rate most men are stressed on economic issues which has made some of them to be violent, however Economic Strengthening programs involving men are proving to be a catalyst in reducing this violence.

            Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 34 total)
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