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      Looking at Mercy’s’ Story, the community waits for something to happen and then responds, in relation to Violence against women Prevention is key as this will help Mercys’ Community to address the underlying structural causes i.e. discriminatory rules, laws, traditions, and customs that give men excess power, as well as misogynistic language that will continue to cause violence in the community.

      To reduce on the lifelong consequences like significant physical, psychological and emotional harm as well as the risk and protective factors, associated with violence for instance Peer and social risk factors include involvement in social rejection by peers. Other factors often overlooked are settings in which social relationships occur, such as families and neighborhoods and characteristics of these settings can increase or decrease the risk of violence in the future.

      Irene Mlanga

        Prevention is important in Mercy’s story to prevent intergenerational cycle of violence from one family to another. This is seen through Mercy herself who witnessed violence while she was young. Her aunt even tells her beating is a sign of love! Prevention is also key to transform social and gender norms that contribute to violence in the family.


          Mercy’s community is grappling with various forms of violence, including emotional, physical, economic violence within intimate relationships, as well as sexual violence against girls. Violence prevention is crucial for Mercy’s community for several reasons:
          1. Violence prevention measures are essential to safeguard the well-being and safety of individuals like Mercy who are experiencing emotional, physical, and economic violence from their partners. It aims to create an environment where individuals can live free from fear and harm.
          2. Violence can have a profound impact on the overall well-being of a community. By preventing violence, the community can create a safer and healthier environment for everyone, fostering trust and social cohesion.
          3. Violence prevention is also linked to broader efforts for legal and social justice. It involves holding perpetrators accountable for their actions, ensuring justice for survivors, and promoting a society where violence is not tolerated

          Lynette Kigotho

            Violence is a violation of human rights and has physical, emotional and psychological consequences, prevention of violence promotes and safeguards everyone’s human rights and wellbeing. Violence also creates an environment of fear and insecurity therefore by preventing violence the environment becomes safe. From Mercy’s story we see that violence can be intergenerational therefore through government and CSO programs and other interventions root causes can be addressed thereby preventing violence.
            Mercy’s community is a clear reflection of our society, one that condones and normalises GBV which is rooted in gender inequality, therefore preventing violence challenges harmful gender norms empowering women to have self autonomy. Finally, VAW has economic implications like healthcare costs and lost productivity which affects from the household level into the national level. By preventing violence, economic stability and overall wellbeing of the women and community at large are safeguarded.

            Alex Enock

              Prevention efforts create safer environments, ensuring women and girls feel secure in their communities. This fosters a sense of well-being, encouraging community members to participate more actively in social and economic activities without fear of violence. Addressing violence against women in the Mercy Community involves conducting several community awareness sessions targeting diverse groups. These sessions aim to enhance their understanding of the profound impact of violence.

            Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 67 total)
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