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    Victor Sakwah

      Violence Against Women (VAW) is a degradation to femininity, and it will keep escalating with each passing generation unless effectively halted. VAW serves as a root cause for the decay of community ethos, and considering its impact on GDP, I would assert that it is closely linked to poverty.

      chirani Gunathilake

        Mercy experience sexual, physical, economic and emotional violence. Her mother also suffered from this and her young daughter also expose to some violence. So this pass from generation to generation. Violence results economic loss, health issues too. Therefore this should be stopped. prevention is important otherwise perpetrators are grow up again and again.
        At school girls and boys can be educate the importance of preventing violence. Officers can organize awareness programs that educate men and women violence is a bad practice.

        Iliana Mejia

          Most acts of violence are formed due to historical context and generational trauma. For example, in mercy‘s story, her mother was being beaten and belittled by her father, so when her husband began treating her the same way, she did not see the issues with the violent treatment. When something even as horrible as violence is woven in to your history, it becomes normalized and the cycle continues. Preventative measures to violence are important because it creates the normalization of the fair treatment of women instead of the normalization of violence. It is the beginning to breaking the cycle of violence in communities because it is empowering women to see that they do not have to live with in the circumstances, and it shows men that they do not have to perpetuate the violence onto the women in their lives just because it is what they are used to seeing and doing.

          One way of developing violence preventative measures is creating accessible educational modules for both women and men about what constitutes violence. A first step to making any change is giving people the information to understand their circumstances so that they can be empowered to work towards the change that they want. Having a module, whether that be online, or through pamphlets that can be distributed to those who may have little to no Internet access is a good way to start providing that information, and making sure that there is information for both genders creates the space for families and communities to have conversations with each other About the harm that is being caused.

          Jasson Chandhla

            Why is violence prevention important for Mercy’s community?

            1. It stops harm from happening to the rest of the community members.
            2. It reduces pressure on the support and services going for the response sections. (Such as the cost of health services, Police and court services as well as time spent on a case)
            3. It creates a safe and conducive community environment for all community members

            Which activities could prevent violence against women in her community?

            1. Community awareness on the rights of women as outlined in the human rights as well as the UN conversion on the elimination of all forms of violence towards girls.
            2. Reviewing and advocating for modifications of social and gender inequality practices that normalize gender-based violence

            Yvonne Muto

              Violence prevention is important because it curbs future problems related to consequences of violence. It also allows for root causes of violence to be identified and addressed. Prevention also gives perpetrators and survivors to envisage a future without violence as well as envisage the befits on none violence for everyone in the community, that is women, men, the children and the community as a whole.

            Viewing 5 posts - 66 through 70 (of 75 total)
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