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    Catherine Menganyi

      I noted that the community supported IPV and that it was normalized. Mercy was undergoing physical violence, and she could not raise an alarm because it was believed it was normal for a husband to beat his wife. She is walking with her young girls because the community does not take seriously issues to do with VAC, like sexual violence. Economic violence comes out so well, but she does not even understand that what she is going through is wrong. With all this violence taking place and some of the consequences known, it is important to build structures and interventions that will help in the prevention of all this.


        Violence prevention measures are very economical and enable to give a solution before the problem happens


          proactive prevention measures like educating families, communities, and gender-responsive responsive pedagogy …. are the best mechanisms to prevent VAM


            Mercy’s community thinks that violence is acceptable as it shows the sign of love. The consequences impacted on generation to generation because the community itself believes that it is normal to beat women, then the children imitate the violence behaviors. It become a widespread accepted behaviors which could result extremely unhealthy community impacting the whole society on delaying the development. If the community continued letting people committing violence, people from the community will gradually die as diarrhea example. Therefore, the agency or the person need to initiate to prevent people dying from violence as what Mercy did to prevent diarrhea. A step by step approaches will require to initiate the prevention strategies.

            Starting with the community information and sensitization activities about violence will be the first step for her community. Gradually, other prevention activities could be introduced as long term behaviors changed activities such as offering the couple awareness on healthy relationship, working with parents and adolescents on early marriage consequences, working with men to be a role model of non-violence men, providing small business skills training economic opportunities for women to decrease the dependency on husband and have equal decision making at home etc.


              prevention is about averting before the problem actually occurs. in the story the water was tested and found to have bacteria. the people had to change their behaviors to avoid contamination of their water. this helped avert the diseases.
              in the context of preventing VAW prevention will prevent more people from being affected and also reduce the cost of dealing with already affected people . also reduces the consequences of violence early which can be lifelong.

            Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 60 total)
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