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    Dr Keshav Sharma

      Hello Everyone,

      My Name is Dr Keshav Sharma.

      I am working as State Consultant RMNCHA+N, Unicef – Meghalaya, India

      It will be helpful for increasing sound knowledge in me regarding VAW preventing and its implementation in health & social welfare sector.

      This will help in better planning of interventions in health & ICDS sector.


        Hi everyone am Talla Verra from Cameroon. Am the country director of Women Relief Services. Am excited to be part of this coucourse. Getting ready to joinly do this course with everyone on board

        Anorth Mabunda


          My name is Anorth Mabunda from South Africa. I believe this course will help me a lot in dealing with gender, abuse, and children cases


            Hi everyone, my name is Frank Odhiambo. I am GBV officer based at coptic hospital based in Nairobi, Kenya. I look forward to expanding my scope in the management of VAW/C cases from this course.


            Hi everyone, I am Louisa Eikhomun-Agbonkhese from Nigeria. I am the founder of Echoes of Women in Africa and Author of Surviving Domestic Violence in Relation to Laws on Protection in Nigeria. I look forward learning new preventive strategies to end VAWG.

          Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 189 total)
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