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      Those three prevention mechanisms are implemented and placed at the household, community, and at institutional levels.


        Raising awareness by holding meetings with community members is a universal prevention strategy. this is because it focuses on the whole community whether affected or not to prevent occurrence of VAW.

        Myint Myint Win

          Increasing the awareness of different types of VAW among the community members via 16 days of activism campaign is an example of a violence prevention activity. It will be in universal prevention in the prevention-to-response continuum.

          Mercy James

            Dear all,

            Awareness and education campaigns on violence best fits under the Universal prevention as it targets the general population at the community. Its targets all players without any specific focus.



              In regard to Mercy’s Community, I would place the prevention program activities under universal prevention because Mercy’s’ community needs to understand the root causes of Gender-based violence rather than focusing only on response to survivors which keeps recurring in their community.

              The Prevention program will therefore target an entire population, community, or group regardless of whether program participants have experienced or used violence or of their individual or family risk status.

            Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 42 total)
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