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      violence prevention is key in promoting people rights because it is fundamental that people live without fear. Violence has a lot of consequences on the individual, families and community as a whole. It is health threatening issue. Prevention of violence is important because people (women and girls) live with fear; Violence can prevent development in the family; injuries can prevent someone to go to the farm; bad use of family’s income can increase poverty etc.

      Awareness targeting specific group age or sex, Encourage/put women in decision make at the community level that will influence the family level one; government and non-government structure should be concern by these actions through training and discussion sessions in the communities.


        It will help to bring people around some discussion , questioning so that some solution/idea com out.


        1. Violence prevention is important in Mercy’s community because Mercy taught it could be good to look for solution and get responses to stop people from getting sick, rather than treating them when they already ill.

        2.Activities could prevent violence against women in Mercy’s community:
        – The Whole community work together to take action.
        – Burring waste human far from the river.
        – Washing hands with soap after taking care of sick people.
        – Sterilizing water before using it.
        – Setting up safe water supply and sanitation facilities.

        Example of violence prevention activity:
        – Training your children about gender equality since they still young.


        1. Violence prevention is important for Mercy’s community because it is good for all the community to look for solutions and get responses together to stop violence solutions and modifying physical and social environment; get positive health outcomes; and help community to commit themselves in preventing violence.

        2. Activities that can prevent violence against women in her community:
        – Engage Men in prevention of violence against Women.
        – Promote positive health programs.
        – Include school based approaches.
        – Organizing meeting with community; share ideas with them and teach them about gender equality.

        example of an activity that prevent violence:
        Teaching your children about gender equality since they are still young.

        Melissa Benson

          To stop the cycle that will continue.
          Education is required for men about VAW, equal power, understanding, compassion.
          Until the cycle is broken then the violence will continue.

          The behaviours are a learnt behaviour from children to adults.
          Children learn from there parents and carry this forward to their adult life and see it as normal and acceptable.

          Until this preventative measures are put in place then the power balance will remain unequal.

        Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 67 total)
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